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Claude Huard has acted in 18 theatrical movies, 38 television movies, 16 television series episodes, 3 web series as well as many short films.

He was also a crew member in 5 television movies, 3 television series, 1 web series, 2 short movies, 17+ videos and many more.

He wrote the script of 5 educational videos.

He invites you to watch the latest Joan of Arc episodes in which he plays the priest Guillaume Frontey.

He authored and produced the excellent Abshum funny videos. He also directed many of these funny videos.

He authored the epic adventure Cancer Straight Ahead which made laugh a lot of people around the world.

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The videos were seen more than 263,000 times... (almost as popular as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, hum oh well not quite :)

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Last Updated: 2024-05-11
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