Synopsis - Cancer Straight Ahead

Jack Force, a legendary doctor who has reinvented modern medicine and saved the world more than once, finds himself under attack by an aggressive cancer that is spreading rapidly throughout his body.

When his few remaining hopes turn to despair, the respected scientist begins to actively prepare himself for death as his body wages war on the cancer growing inside him.

His white blood cells attack the cancer but it ends disastrously. If a solution exists, one wonders what it might be. For the world-famous genius, there are no apparent answers in sight, but regardless his body continues to fight courageously against the cancerous monster.

Will the friends and rivals of this pompous scientist come to his aid after he diagnoses himself with terminal cancer? Will his forceful personality and enormous ego prevent him from accepting the help of others because they know less than he does? Will others profit more from the immense financial inheritance they receive upon his death or from his continued life?

What will the millions of antibodies in his body do once they have cancer straight ahead? Will their heroic struggle be in vain? Will the white blood cells in formation succeed in conquering the cancer where the regular forces have failed? Will the civil war raging between different body parts prove fatal?

Cancer Straight Ahead is the story of a monumental battle between a body and a disease while a man gets ready to die.

Written mainly for adults, this book was inspired by several real stories of cancer. The action and amusing dialogue will leave readers wondering what they would do in similar circumstances.

After bouncing back several times, will his body finally be able to save itself before the doctor ends it all?

Readers who take pride in predicting the end of a story after only reading a few pages will take a dose of their own medicine in this story of a battle with no winners, only survivors.


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Last Updated: 2020-06-03
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