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"I have never come across a fiction book about cancer like this before and it was a very refreshing read. I enjoyed the story from both sides of the Desk and it makes you think more about how the Consultant feels when having to face a new cancer patient. A very frightened cancer patient.

It shows you how in words, cancer moves around the body and what it is thinking. Obviously this is only one persons thoughts on it, but there are a lot of similarities to my own thoughts when I was newly diagnosed with cancer.

I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next, and would encourage anyone who has not come across a fiction book about cancer to read this book, I think you will enjoy its light heartedness in what is usually a dark and gloomy place to be.

I've always thought positivity and humour can help you combat your fears about cancer, and indeed, any other illness which you may have or get. This book just confirms that thought and it's good to know someone else also deals with a potentially life threatening illness with humour and a good laugh. "

Karen Theobald, PBNHL Patient,, United Kingdom

"Huard takes a fresh, often lighthearted and uplifting look, at the role attitude can play in one's recovery from cancer (or any serious illness)."

Kidney Cancer Association

"A young French-Canadian man has written an uplifting and imaginative novel about Cancer. That, in itself, is a true feat. Claude Huard's departure from the more traditional approach to Cancer books is very refreshing, and should be read with a view to feeling better about this dreadful disease.

Cancer Straight Ahead is a unique story (based on real-life medical cases) which personifies dark malignant Cancer cells waging war on Jack Force's body, and wanting only to metastasize with an un-nerving and frightening will. The book reads like a Hollywood film complete with dramatic Cancer battles and interesting characters.

All those involved in Medical Science, or those who have had Cancer or know someone who had Cancer should have a copy of this wonderful book. Also, there's a sequel!"

Tammy MacFadden, Cancer survivor

"Reading this novel was a blast! What a (darkly humourous) sense of humour. The author really has a knack for a good plot. What I like about it is that he has guts!"

Ginette Houle

"A refreshingly original and funny approach at a grim subject. Jack Force is definitely one-of-a-kind!"

Fiona Noakes, Actress/Musician

"Huard offers a unique perspective on a serious subject. The characters-- even those that aren't human-- capture the reader and pull you in more quickly than you even realize it's happening."

Christine Conradt
Writer, Hotel California

"Claude Huard has imagination to spare and a very original sense of humour!"

Patrick Voyer, journalist Info 07, Gatineau, Quebec

"I am seriously squeamish! Blood, operations, scars and all that hospital stuff usually have me looking the other way. But Claude Huard's novel "Cancer Straight Ahead" had me happily reading all about what goes on inside the body, and even laughing about cancer! It's irreverent, clever and poignant. Doctor's orders are to read this book!"

Guy Hallifax
Writer and Director
Windsor, Ontario

"Entertaining and fun!

The narrative races back and forth between Jack's life with his family, colleagues and doctors, and an internal struggle to ward off cancer. Jack who is battling disease and his battle is not only internal but external as well.

At first it can be difficult to sympathize with this protagonist - he is arrogant and unrelenting from the start, going as far as to assemble his family for authoritarian style meetings rather than discussions. He rarely allows his family to voice concerns or opinions, preferring to trust himself and his own, albeit recognized and established, medical knowledge and morality. Over time, though, the reader learns that the protagonist has his values and contributes immensely to society, so his loss would be keenly felt. Jack holds sometimes hilarious conversations with others who he deems to be lesser than himself, which is almost everyone, and this provides highly entertaining dialogue.

Internally, Jack's war is being waged as well. Here, his body is fighting against the cancer cells that are determined to take over his entire body. Jack's internal fight plays a large part in the narrative, demonstrating an almost David and Goliath battle between good and evil. The tactics of war and the routes taken through the body, and the cast of internal characters, including a group of wisemen called upon in desperation, are vividly created for the reader. Their losses and wins are keenly felt, and you can't help but laugh at some of the implausible tactics that occur!

This is a story vividly imagined and described that the reader is brought into the story and is fighting and cheering with the characters. It is easy to imagine this as as a movie - part animation, part live action. You will not be disappointed!"

Nicole Reynolds, Ottawa

"Cancer Straight Ahead is a fascinating story from start to finish. The author has successfully accomplished a feat by writing, in a humorous way, about a serious subject that affects thousands of people every year. Page by page, I smiled, questioned myself and spent many hours of fun. Claude Huard has an imaginative writing style; he masters the art of keeping the reader waiting in anticipation. The characters are fascinating and the intrigue brings the reader down many trails. You will undoubtedly want to know how the story ends and, believe me, you will not be disappointed! This is a novel that mixes humour with suspense and wisdom. It is a fun and intelligent story written by a young author who has incredible potential. This book and the main character are equally GREAT!"

Martin Paquette, writer and speaker

"I had problems putting down the book Cancer Straight Ahead! It is entertaining and has humorous moments. Claude knows how to strike interest within the first pages of the book. I hope a sequel will be out soon!"

David Martel, Sherbrooke


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